Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unlucky 13

This was done for a class project. Our class is creating a "zine" about "That ONE Guy". We thought it would be a funny topic to illustrate because we all know "that ONE Guy". We all have said that phrase more than once in our lives. .. "Remember that one guy who always that head band" or "You know that one guy who always wears a green jacket, yeah, that guy!". We've all said it. Well I decided to do my illustration as more of a tribute page to my favorite quarterback. Dan Marino is known as that one great NFL quarterback who never got a ring.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Crew of You

This was done for my Conceptual Illustration class. The assignment was to create 6 characters based on yourself using your personality, life experiences, likes and dislikes as a basis for each. Once the characters were made we had to come up with a story using all 6 characters. The final illustration had to illustrate the climax of the story.

Fun Fact: Charles Schultz did this same thing to create the famous "Peanuts" Crew. Many of the characters were inspired by his own life