Saturday, March 28, 2009

FREE Caricatures at Cannery Row

I've been wanting to do free caricatures with my friends since last Spring Break but the day we wanted to go it showered in SF. We decided to postpone it til Summer time but then everyone was busy. Fast forward to last week, when my friend Virgil and I we're at Cannery Row taking reference photos for our current BFA project. We decided Cannery Row was the perfect spot. After a week of practicing caricatures we finally got to use our skills yesterday. It was such a BLAST! We got to meet some really cool people and their stories. One couple just got married!

Being that it was my first time doing caricatures live, I never knew how hard it was. Not only is it hard getting their likeness with exaggerations, but even harder when they're constantly moving around. I have to say kids and babies were the hardest to draw.

Here are some of the drawings I did. Thanks for everyone who let us draw them.

The place where we were located, we had no idea was private property. Turns out that spot was run by this man right here, John Lawrence. We thought we were in HUGE trouble but man he was really cool. he let us stay for the rest of the day but we couldnt be there in the future because it wouldnt be fair to the people paying rent at that same location. So to help us out, John introduced us to a bunch of restaurant owners where we could set up in the future. THANK YOU JOHN!
After 7 hours of caricaturing we finally called it quits. We decided to take a pic with our new friend, John. We'll DEFINITELY be coming back in the future! GOOD TIMES!

I wasn't happy with a couple of drawings I did, so I decided to redo some in my sketchbook. Since I had pictures of everyone I drew, I thought why not just do them all again for fun. I tried to do these as fast as I could pretending it was live. After that I just took it to photoshop for some quick color.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Animal Farm

We just wrapped up our project of Animal Farm. The project was to design characters based on the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. I have to say it was quite an interesting book. For those who are not familiar with the book, its based on the Russian Revolution. Instead of making it obvious, the author takes the concept of the Russian Revolution and places it in a Farm in England.

So here are my characters; Napoleon (Joseph Stalin), Ivan (the KGB) and Boxer (russian workers).

My environments are based on two story moments in the book. The first one is when the animals are trying to build a windmill. The second is a shot of the farm when some animals are put on trial.

The artist I was trying to emulate in this project was Steve Brodner.