Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gladiators Ready!

I caught the premiere of American Gladiators and I was surprised by the female gladiators. They're not what I expected to see. My favorite right now is "Crush". Don't let her innocent smile deceive you cuz she can actually kick some butt. I found out she's a MMA fighter specializing in Muay Thai. That's AWESOME! For this drawing I had some tonal laying around that I decided to use. I've seen comic book artists use a technique where they use pure black on tonal paper then add in the whites. I was afraid of using pure black on some places so I ended up using some black pencil to add another tone.

This one I did a week after other drawing. I was watching American Gladiators agian as I was sketching this out in my sketchbook. I splashed some color in afterwards on photoshop.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After 12 or so years of watching the Warriors struggle even with big names like Starks, "Mookie", Jamison and Arenas, it's nice to finally see a group of guys that mesh well together making them playoff contenders for years to come. I always wanted to draw one of them so heres one as kind of a joke. If you're a Warrior fan, the Stephen Jackson cartoon should make sense. The other, my friend had a Warrior Girl calendar so I decided to draw the cover girl for the heck of it.

A couple of friends and I went to see a celebrity charity game last week at the Oracle and guess who we saw... Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis, Donald "Turk" Faison, Terry Crews and many more!