Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stephen Curry

He's quickly become my favorite Golden State Warrior. Not only is he good but he's fun to watch. What a like about him most is that he comes out on the court with a lot of confidence yet he shows no cockiness.

This season was pretty much a loss due to almost all their starters being injured. Even with that situation, he's able to make something out of nothing with the bench players. I just can't wait til next season. If everyone is healthy, Curry will tear up the court along side Ellis. So excited!

Anyway, this was inspired by those All Star Vinyl Toys. I like their action poses and that Sean Galloway simplicity style. I believe he even designed some himself.

Originally I was going for the local+dark value type style but then I found myself rendering just to see how it would look. Eventually I rendered the whole thing haha. Here's the stages for those interested.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A couple weeks ago I thought to myself that I should do a bird drawing and I always found Hummingbirds interesting. Every time I see one outside, I can't help but just watch them fly around. Even though they're nowhere to be seen during this rainy stretch I decided to do a painting of one.

It's a little too much on the cute side, I know... now if you excuse me, I think I'm gonna shoot some bad guys in Metal Gear or do a thousand pushups. You know, manly stuff haha.