Thursday, May 22, 2008

Self Portrait: Homage to Norman Rockwell

For the final in our Figure painting class, the assignment was to choose a master painter and try to emulate his/her style either by color pallet, brush strokes, technique etc. I chose Norman Rockwell mainly because of his use of story in all his paintings and the color pallet he uses.
Out of all his paintings, I went with "The Letterman". Back in the day, I wanted to play high school football with some of my friends but my Mom just wouldn't let me do it. I figure since I couldn't play football in real life why not make it happen through the world of art.

Just a side note, I added the background because my teacher stressed throughout the semester about having a background so I didn't want to risk leaving it white especially on the final even though Rockwell kept his white/off-white.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Watercolor Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I discovered I still had watercolors when I did a piece for class. I've been working mainly with oils and acrylics this past year so it was nice to use this medium again. I decided to take a break from my Maya project and do a head study using watercolors. If you can guess the celebrity then Kudos to you