Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank You Cards

Now that I have finished writing out all my Thank You Cards and sent them all out, I can finally share my image. I really liked how this one came out. I had a general idea of what it would look like but I was amazed how cool it looked when I had my handwriting on there. It was a nice surprise. After I was done with the card and showed it to my Mom, she insisted that I throw Kobe in the card since he was in the Invitations. At the party, Kobe was pretty much defending himself from my cousin's dog, Gizmo the whole time. I thought it would be pretty funny to have him passed out from exhaustion. The card to me still looked plain so I added a border. For the icons, of course there is the traditional Cap and Diploma to signify Graduation. The bottom icons I used to represent my college career. You have the Shrunkenheadman Logo on the left which is our Animation/Illustration club and on the right is a Spartan Helmet, representing San Jose State.

A Sketch of Me writing stuff on a Notepad

The actual card minus my written message to my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

This was the original Thank You card I created after the party. I wanted to go with a simple approach, so I thought I'd draw Kobe and I in the style of PEANUTS. It was fun drawing myself like this but I had to agree with my Parents that it was looking too kiddie. Anyway I thought I'd share this pic as well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Danny McCooter

Last week, I went with my brother and cousins to see Third Eye Blind in concert for free. It was AMAZING! We were like 20-30 feet from the stage. The only problem with that and it being a free concert is that people from the back start muscling their way to the front, not caring about people who were there first. One of them was this guy. For some reason he was the one I remembered out of all the people in crowd. Maybe it was his funny dancing moves? Anyway, he reminded me a little bit of Danny McBride from the movie, Land Of the Lost and Pineapple Express. There was also a little bit of Cooter from Dukes Of Hazzard in him as well. With that said here's Danny McCooter!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


As I was sitting in my room flipping through Joe Weatherly's new sketchbook, my dog Kobe comes walking in and jumps onto my bed. I hear some rustling and then a soft thump. I turn back to see what Kobe is doing and he is totally past out. I was inspired flipping through Joe Weatherly's animal sketches that I thought I'd give sketching Kobe a go.

This is dedicated to Kobe who just turned 1 year old yesterday. Happy Birthday Kobe!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Boom Boom Pau

After watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals I decided to do a quick sketch of Pau Gasol. Why?!?! I dunno, I just didn't feel like drawing Kobe yet. His time will come. If Pau plays strong like he did in game 5 and 6 of the Denver series and Kobe is on his game, the Lakers will soon be holding up title number 15!

How does that Black Eyed Peas song go again??

Boom boom boom, gotta get-get
Boom boom boom, gotta get-get
Boom boom boom, now
Boom boom boom, now
Boom boom PAU
Boom boom PAU

Monday, June 1, 2009


My parents are throwing a party celebrating my recent graduation. Since I already did stuff with some friends, this is mainly for family members. My mom was going to send out store bought cards but since I just got a degree in illustration, I thought it would be more special to send out a card I designed myself. We're going to have roasted pig at the party so I thought that should be a part of the drawing. When I joked about putting my soon to be 1 year old pup in the drawing, my mom liked the idea.

Here are some of the sketches I came up with
I'm pretty happy with how it came out especially how fast I had to have it done by to get it sent out. Although I was really bummed out when the prints came out darker than what I had. All the small extra things I did like having pastel textures and pushing things back just got lost. I didn't have time nor the money to send it off and get it printed again. So with that said, this is how it supposed to look like minus all the text.