Sunday, November 9, 2008

Da Vinci Project

Here are some of my latest drawings from the current project I'm working on. Its based on Boccaccio's DeCameron. To give you the cliff notes version of the story, its based on a plagued city, with several characters characters forming a group to leave the city behind and flee to the countryside where they believe it is more safe .

These drawings are part of my second pass of the project. They all still need A LOT of work especially the ones that I'm not showing. Just thought I'd show them so you hopefully see the difference later on.
The Country House that the characters flee to.

Filostrato is one of the characters I'm designing. He's an inventor who idolizes Da Vinci. He's a shy, quiet type character who's always focused on inventing new things. The Plagued City of Paris in the 1900s.