Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dirty 30

I used to do Bday flyers for my company where I'd chop off  the birthday person's head from photos and put them on movie posters or something funny. These flyers would be put up on the fridge in the break room for the whole month. Last year, after over a year of doing this I decided to retire and let other people have fun creating these.

It was my coworker's 30th Birthday on Sunday and I thought I'd come out of retirement and do something special for him. This is the first time I drew the whole flyer. He's a huge Raider fan and we try to set up a a game every year for coworkers to attend. I root for the Raiders and Niners but I'm Dolphins fan. He gives me crap about that every now and then so I thought it would be funny to crash his flyer haha. 

This is the 11x17 poster I gave him personally with minor tweaks. It felt good knowing it made his day. RRRRaaaaaiderrrrssss!